Thropping Secundus Saint Ambrose
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8.00 am Holy Eucharist (1662)

9.30 am Matins (1662)(+)

10.30 am Sung Eucharist (Common Worship) with Sunday School

6.30 pm Sung Evensong*

(+ Fifth Sunday: Commination of Sinners. 1549 Rite.)

(* First and third Sunday:  Solemn Evensong with Benediction.  Fifth Sunday:  Gin and small biscuits at the Rectory.)

  Monthly Association and Guild Activities

1st Friday:  Men's Club (The Horse's Neck Inn - rear yard.)

1st Tuesday:  Young Wives  (Chippendale's Tea Shop - back room.)

2nd Wednesday: Servers Guild (The Sacristy.  Please bring your own towel.)

3rd Thursday:  Mothers' Union.  (Venue: Varied. Please knock.)

4th Monday: Parochial Church Council (Rectory - Upstairs, first on the left.)

Last Friday:  Standing Committee (The village green.)


  It's all in the wrist!

Father Finger with Master of Ceremonies (and Churchwarden) "Buster" Bagshore at the 2003 Patronal Festival. 





A rare patronal dedication within Anglicanism, Saint Ambrose is a late seventeenth century saint more commonly associated with the Russian Orthodox faith.  He was accepted and canonised as late as 1677 and venerated as a "Godpleaser" within the Optima group of saints, the others being: Schema-Archimandrite Moses, Hieroachemamonk Leo, Schema.Hegumen Anthony, Hieroschemanionk Macarius, Hieroschemamonk Joseph, Hieroschemamonk Anatole, Hieroschemamonk Hilarion, Schema-Archimandrite Barsanuphius, Hieroschemamonk Nectarius, Schema-Hegumen Nicon, Schema-Archimandrite Isaacius, Hieroschemstmonk Anatole (the Younger), Schema-Archimandrite Isaacius II.

The eventual link with Thropping Secundus and Wenchoster may be the result of an aid package sent by the Czar in 1755 after the Greate Fludde - a parcel containing over twenty slightly-used icons for lay use.